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Work in progress : )

This site is dedicated to information about DC comics character Peacemaker with a primary focus on the first Peacemaker, Christopher Smith. The goal of this site is to provide a single place to get all information about everybodys favorite maniac who kills in the name of peace.

Peacemaker is a violent antihero character with a rocky history at best so here is a general warning that this website will not be kid friendly. I will put up content warnings on pages when needed, but if theres something that should get a warning that doesnt have one then let me know.

This site will also have a focus mainly on the comics, but there will be discussion of the show as well. This is just primarily a fansite for Peacemaker the comic book character, not Peacemaker the show. This does not mean I personally dislike the show or anything, I've just noticed alot of people seem to have either no or a very warped idea on Peacemaker as a character in the comics and intend to correct alot of the misconceptions and misinformation I see spread about him.

If you have no idea who Peacemaker is and want a place to start, then I suggest looking at the menu under the "Peacemaker" button on the navigation bar. This will lead you to a overview on his character, a detailed history of him as a character starting from his creation in the 1960s to the present, a page on his various powers and abilities, and the organizations in the DC unvierse he has worked for over the years. Or if you want to jump into reading, then the appearances tab will provide a comprehensive reading guide as well as a list of all his current appearances. If you find this site when none of these links are active thats because those pages arent done yet.

Finally, disclaimer that I did not make much of a effort to hide my personal biases when writing these pages. I personally believe that no writing is free of bias and Peacemaker as a character is so intensely political that avoiding talking about that part of him is a disservice to the character, and it is very hard to speak about politics without revealing your own. That said, I will try to keep my personal opinions on the quality of some of Peacemakers comics and my personal opinions on some of the people who have written them to myself in the informative sections on this site since I am a comics nerd so my rage knows no bounds, and sometimes thats just unnecessary.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my weird little website dedicated to this freak. If you cant tell I have a obsession, so I appreciate it. : )